Hot on the heels of This American Life's Mike Daisey takedown, Apple has revised its Supplier Responsibility homepage to reflect its latest monthly update (as promised) about working conditions at its suppliers' factories. The company says that over 500,000 workers actually worked less during a peak iPad production month thanks to rules laid out in its Supplier Code of Conduct. Instead of 60-hour work weeks like they'd been accustomed to (the maximum inside Apple's Code), workers actually averaged closer to 48 hour work weeks during February 2012.

Apple, which has come under increased scrutiny during the past year, says this is a "substantial improvement over previous results," but will continue to do better. In January, for example, 60-hour work week Code compliance was at 84 percent, while it was at 89 percent in February just one month later. If you're interested in the human rights controversy surrounding Apple's supply chain, definitely check out the rest of Apple's Supplier Responsibility page.