We'd heard earlier that Huawei was going to take its turn with T-Mobile's myTouch line (HTC and LG have so far been the only ones to manufacture any phones in the lineup), and now a TMoNews tipster has given us a first look at what the company will offer. This is the keyboard-less variant, and it's rumored to be called either the U8680 or the U8730 (one will have a keyboard and one won't). There are no specs to go by yet, but it has been reported that it'll have a 800 x 480 display, and we can see a microSD card slot and a front-facing camera in the photos that'll join what we suspect are some solidly mid-tier specs. Naturally, we have no idea when this phone will be available or how much it'll cost you, but check the source link for a few more shots, including a look under the battery cover.