2 big issues I'd like to discuss. JOSH PLZ READ

Hi all!

First off - I love the Verge - it's great, from the content to the people it's my go to place for tech news.

My only gripe with the site is the lack of an edit button in the comments. I've looked like a fool because I can't catch an error I've made or retract a statement that is incorrect. What I propose is we have an editing system but there would be a button similar to "versions" on Mac OS Lion - you could see what each version of the post looked like, to prevents trolls from making others look stupid.

And the second is the lack of a Free Minecraft server.

I'd chip in like 10 bucks to get an old-style classic server put up. The reason is that Mojang screwed me over multiple times so I'm limited to playing the classic version even though I paid for Alpha and Beta. The second reason why this would kick butt is because even people who haven't played or purchased Minecraft yet can still play because classic is free and always will be.