Looking for iPhone earplug style headphones upgrade


I'm looking to upgrade my Sennheiser CX300B earplug style headphones. I've had these since mid-2007 and I love them to death. They still work great and have held up despite the fact that I normally cram them in my back left jean pocket.

Needless to say, I've developed a certain affinity now for Sennheiser and am partial to their brand.

I recently had my iPhone 4's back glass replaced at an Apple Store because the camera lens cover/filter became so scratched that the pictures were not looking so great. To protect that and hopefully get 1 more year out of my iPhone 4, I'm now back to using my bumper.

The bumper requires me to use a 3.5mm - 3.5mm stereo jack adapter which I find very annoying (especially in my back pocket).

I'm looking to get another set of Sennheiser earplugs and I'm considering the CX300B MK II which is just an upgrade to my current set that I've grown to love. I'm also considering the MM30i which has an in-cord remote dongle.

Back in 2009, I had purchased the MM 50iP Sennheiser earplugs and I disliked the remote primarily because it was a single button and a mic (I couldn't adjust the volume, and the button just allowed play/pause or next track). Also I didn't like the added weight of the remote. This has given me some pause when considering the MM30i. The MM30i has better remote functionality and I think that it looks like it is lighter than the one on the MM 50iP. But I also think that the right-angle 3.5-mm stereo jack on the CX300B MK II looks like it will hold up better in my pocket while connected to my iPhone because there will be less stress on the connector. The MM 50iP had no bend in the connector and the strain relief wore out very quickly, as does the adapter that I'm now using with my original CX300B that accommodates the bumper (which now I have fixed using heat shrink tubing and some glue form a hot-glue gun which adds more to my annoyance).

Both the CX300B MK II and the MM30i have 3.5mm stereo connectors that will work with the iPhone 4 bumper.

CX300B MK II Amazon Link

MM30i Amazon Link

Which one would you go with? I'm also open to additional recommendation (even non-sennheiser brand).

Thanks for your time.