An official video from Nvidia, introducing the unannounced GeForce GTX 680, has leaked on YouTube. The video features Nvidia executive Ujesh Desai, who introduces the new hardware and says that the company "invented some new technology" that goes with the GTX 680 — including "GPU boost," which Desai says converts unused power into increased clock speeds. We're not sure on the specifics of the feature yet, but it sounds like an on the fly method of overclocking. Desai also introduces "TXAA," a new anti-aliasing algorithm that's rumored to significantly boost AA performance. The video also includes features (and the same demo clips) that Nvidia demonstrated at GDC 2012: a new method of fur simulation that it says can render 100,000 hairs in real time, and PhysX advancements that will allow for real-time object fracturing. Finally, Desai says that the GTX 680 will support 3D Vision Surround and up to four displays with a single card.

Thanks, thinkthis!