Netflix is the latest big-name app to get the Retina-treatment for the new iPad. In addition to higher-quality images throughout the app, Netflix says that version 2.1.1 has fixes for VoiceOver, AirPlay, and stability. What Netflix doesn't say but is readily apparent after you load the update is that it seems faster overall. Netflix's official Twitter account brings better news: proper HD video streaming is "to follow later." That's one way to get to the limit of your LTE plan, we suppose.

Netflix has also updated its website with a more streamlined look, but as Hacking News points out, if you're a streaming-only customer you'll no longer see DVD-only titles. It's a move that mirrors a similar thing the company did a year ago on its apps, removing the ability to add DVDs to your queue from streaming-only devices. In September, the company also removed titles from instant queues when its rights to stream them ran out. We'd prefer that Netflix didn't put features and titles in the memory hole, no matter how fractured the world of content rights is these days. Actually, nevermind, all will be forgiven when the company starts streaming the new season of Arrested Development in 2013, right?