Dream Machine 2013

Looking for this at CES next January. Functions of phone/PC/console in a tablet.

  • Form factor/display: 7" Tablet >200ppi
  • OS/base specs: Windows 8 x86 (i5) 4GB RAM, 100ish GB SSD
  • Camera: Front/rear facing camera
  • Hardware interfaces: 4G WiFi Bluetooth HDMI USB3 Lightpeak
  • Battery: Wireless charging, 5 hours of web browsing while listening to music


Mobile device: uses included bluetooth headset for calling. Camera, social networking, Internet and office available on the go... Your basic media tablet experience.

In the office: set it down on the wireless charging station and plug in the HDMI monitor, pairs with Bluetooth mouse/keyboard. Runs full Office, full Adobe Suite, your corporate databasses and all other desktop apps you need. It connects to the network just like every other PC using the same protocols and standards in place.

Back home: use the lightpeak port to hook up to more powerful video card (like the Sony VAIO Z; possibly built in to the TV) and now that same device is a full gaming console with Steam, Xbox live, Blizzard and all your other favorite PC games. Bluetooth or USB xbox controllers, keyboards, mice, Kinnect for windows, etc. for the complete console experience.

I think all of these scenarios supported by this single device are realistic. Almost all of the pieces are already in place. I only hope the hardware vendors can get their act together.