A couple of weeks ago, a promo video for the tie in between Angry Birds Space and the Galaxy Note ended with an intriguing message: "Galactic Upgrade with Premium Suite coming soon." We now have the details of exactly what that teaser means, and it's a mix of bad and good. Instead of simply releasing an Android 4.0 update, Samsung intends to beef up the custom software it offers for the S-Pen stylus. That good news is leavened with some very bad news: the Premium Suite isn't going to be offered until Q2. That's a delay from the original promise of Q1 for the Galaxy Note, though it remains to be seen how early in Q2 Samsung will be able to deliver. As usual, Samsung says that "The availability and scheduling of the software upgrade will vary by market and wireless carriers’ requirements."

As for what that update will look like, there's a tantalizing hint that the image we saw on Samsung's Facebook page of Ice Cream Sandwich sans TouchWiz could be a reality: "The Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade brings an entirely new look and feel to Android on GALAXY Note." Our guess, however, is that the line is simply be a reference to the new multitasking interface. Lastly, that Angry Birds Space tie-in amounts to exclusive levels for Galaxy Note owners along with free access to another package that will cost other users some in-app money.

While the Android update delays are a depressingly regular occurrence, what's interesting here is that Samsung seems to be attempting to give ICS second-billing to its own S Pen apps. We're not sure that even the most dedicated stylus aficionados would agree on those priorities.

Update: A video depicting Android 4.0 on the Note has been released by Samsung via YouTube. As you can see, it's not quite as revolutionary a change as Samsung's Facebook page suggested.

Thanks, codewisp!