After clicking on an errant link this past weekend, NASCAR driver Mark Martin's Twitter account started going haywire. His tweets were deleted, his password was reset, and his screen name was changed to "EPICSWAGG." But thanks to some quick work by the folks at Twitter, everything was set right by Saturday night. Now Martin is getting the last laugh at the expense of whomever, or whatever, took over his account. You see, aside from driving a really fast car in a circle, the 53-year-old Martin is an avid fan of rap music, and is therefore familiar with the meaning of the term "swag." He's decided to embrace the new moniker by running the name EPIC SWAG on his number-55 car this weekend at the Auto Club 500 in Fontana, California. We're kind of in shock at how well the whole situation worked out, as Epic Swag seems like the perfect nickname for a 53-year-old NASCAR driver who loves rap and can take a privacy invasion in stride.