Samsung trying to resurrect the Courier Dream?

[GALAXY Note] Introducing Premium Suite with Ice Cream Sandwich (via SAMSUNGmobile)

Samsung Mobile just blasted out a video of the new ICS implentation on the Galaxy Note. While I expected to be shocked/appalled/disappointed by TouchWiz, and have yet to play with it myself, this video surprised me. Samsung has now decided ripping off iOS' design aesthetic (allegedly) can only be part of its plan moving forward; it is time to look at Microsoft's ideas too. I could not help but notice how much S Note, the Galaxy Note's note-taking application, resembled J Allard's dream for the Courier. Check the video to formulate your own opinion.

Microsoft "Courier" secret tablet (via Neowin)

In my opinion, the Courier project was the most exciting thing to come out of Microsoft since Windows 7. It had a cool, sleek design for a device that was for content creation, something that I find difficult to do with the current generation of touch-centric devices. Apple has clearly noticed this: releasing iPhoto, Garageband and iWork for the iPad were not fun side projects. Apple wants you to use a tablet like you would use a PC (Mac or Windows). It's not there yet, for several reasons: The finger is not a perfect replacement for a mouse. The keyboard on the iPad eats half the screen. The OS is not as feature-complete as OSX.

But good old Samsung seems to be resurrecting a good idea. While I have less than zero faith that Samsung will do this right, I can't help but give props to the company for bringing back an idea that is good. Now here's hoping that Google actually picks up on this whole stylus thing, and folds it into Android proper. A 7.7-inch ICS (or Jelly Bean?) Nexus tablet/Transformer with stylus and touch input? Yes please.

I'll probably have to settle for a Windows 8 tablet running a finger-friendly version of OneNote.