Way back in September of last year, Toshiba introduced its FlashAir SDHC card that can generate its own 802.11 b/g/n network, which allows Wi-Fi devices to easily browse and download files directly from the card. FlashAir SD cards went on sale in Japan in February, but we haven't heard much about US availability until now. According to Hiroto Nakai (a senior manager at Toshiba), the company is targeting a May or June release date for the 8GB FlashAir card — though Nakai also noted that a firm date wasn't officially in place yet. The card, which went on sale in Japan earlier this month for about ¥6,000 (about $72), will likely compete with the Eye-Fi line of Wi-Fi storage cards — though Nakai doesn't necessarily believe the comparison is apt. "I think Eye-Fi is mainly meant for uploading," he said. "Our cards are aimed at sharing, at the time and place the photographs are taken." Based on our hands-on experience last year, we found FlashAir to be quite easy to use, so it could gain some traction if the Japanese price is in line with the US cost.