In an interview with Wired, Linus Torvalds said that around 2000, Steve Jobs offered him a place at Apple working on its Unix-based kernel. "Unix for the biggest user base: that was the pitch," Torvalds says. However, he was no fan of Mac OS’s Mach kernel, and Jobs insisted that he drop working on Linux, something Torvalds refused to do. Instead, he continued his work with the open-source platform and now helps manage it on behalf of the Linux Foundation.

Torvald's business ventures haven't netted him the kind of wealth or fame that Jobs received, but he says he's glad he concentrated on the technical aspects of Linux. "I’m very happy with feeling that I’ve done the right thing." Linux has likely been better off for it: everything from the Android smartphone system to Red Hat's enterprise OS has been built from the platform. There's plenty more about Torvalds, including obsessive coffee-machine troubleshooting and open-source diving software development, in the interview and profile below.