TweetDeck version 1.0 took away a lot of features that longtime users relied on when it was released back in December, but a brand-new update has made the app a bit more robust. Verison 1.3 was just released, and it brings list management, activity and interactions tabs, inline image and video previews, and a redesigned "edit and retweet" feature. The updated app is available for Mac, Windows, and through the web on TweetDeck's site.

List management does just what it says — you can easily create new lists and then search for users to add to it directly within the app. User profiles also now have an "add to list" dialog to make updating lists even quicker. The new "interactions" column shows your mentions, retweets, and follows, while "activity" is a feed of all of your followers' favoriting, following, and add-to-list actions — if you trust your followers, you can use this column to find a lot of great new users and content from them. Inline images add a small preview of photos and video to your stream, with the option to click and view a much bigger version right in the app. While some of the older TweetDeck's features, like the endlessly customizable notification system, remain absent, this looks to be a strong update to an app that needed a little attention.