The evolution of Windows Phone and why physical buttons must go!

Having seen an article on Engadget today with the N9 running Android Ice Cream sandwich I can't help but notice how much soft key, full screen/thin bezel designs are more appealing, modern, dynamic and allow for those bezel free phones we all so want.

I believe it would be a most grave error on behalf of Microsoft and Nokia to go into 2013 with Windows Phone not being ready to run on phones with no physical buttons on the face of the phone. They would be up against a plethora of samsung devices now with almost bezel free designs and hence more modern look and bigger screens.

Because lets face the truth, the N9 does look better than the Lumia 800 and 900 because it has a smaller bezel and no physical keys. Ms UI designers and Nokia's alike better get off their ass and do something about this. Add a permanent rectangular long tile with the back and home controls on the front metro menu or implement the functionality via hot corners or something.

First and best on Windows is sure not coming to fruition on Windows Phone with the time Microsoft is taking to bring out functionality and UI updates.

Something like the below would be quite nice in my opinion, not as aesthetic maybe, but far more informative. the bottom black navbar can even be retractable/pulled up provided it can be locked to protect against swiping it up accidentally when not needed