Following Retina display-ready updates to its own suite of software, Apple has updated its iTunes Movie Trailers app for the new iPad. The update isn't a simple asset switch, though, as the trailers themselves do appear to be in a higher resolution — we tested the Prometheus teaser on both an iPad 2 and a new iPad streaming over Wi-Fi, and as you'll see above the latter was significantly more detailed.

While we can't confirm the actual resolution that's being displayed, and the streaming quality is always dependent on your connection, it appears that Apple has made the 1080p trailers available to view on the new iPad. The Retina display can fully resolve 1080p resolution, whereas the previous iPad's 1024 x 768 screen isn't even capable of full 720p due to the aspect ratio. If you're looking for content to show off your new toy's unique selling point, the iTunes Movie Trailers app could be a good place to start.