Fujifilm's X100 is a beautiful camera with a wealth of physical controls to replicate shooting styles from days gone by, but its software has never been quite as elegant as the hardware. The company seems to have fixed a few of the issues with the X-Pro1 interchangeable lens camera, and now it's offering another firmware update for the X100 that offers more customizable controls, autofocus improvements, extra playback options, and a couple of other tweaks. You can assign additional functions to the RAW button, the AF performance is said to be speedier, and you should find it easier to select ISO and ND filter settings. The update is available to download from Fujifilm's site now.

If the software refresh has piqued your interest in the X100, you may be interested to know that the limited edition black model is going on sale this week at Harrods, the largest department store in the UK. Harrods will only make available 16 units of its "exclusive presentation box" with a lens hood, leather case and various other accessories, and it'll sell for £1,795 (about $2,839).