Tethering on a rooted Galaxy Nexus - does Verizon know, and what will they do?

Hello Verge community,

I'm going on a trip to New York City in about a month. I'm a high school student (this is a band trip), and despite living in New York my entire life (I live in Lockport, which is about 30/35 minutes from Buffalo, if anyone cares), I've never been to New York. The bus ride is about 7 hours long, and thus I'm planning on bringing my MacBook and iPad (don't hate me, please!) and tethering them to my Galaxy Nexus for internet on the way there. That's the plan anyway.

NOW. The reason for the post. As a high school student, my budget is tight, which is why I had to root the Gnex to get tethering - I don't have an additional $20 a month to spare for tethering. MY QUESTION IS should I watch what I do over tethering? Will Verizon (who I assume will realize my phone is tethering) do anything in response? For example, should I only load up websites and what not and be careful not to stream music or movies? And most importantly, is there anyway to hide this from Verizon, if I must?

I do have an "unlimited" data plan. That was my reward for dealing with the Thunderbolt, I suppose.

And please, if you are going to answer, please stay on topic, whether you think tethering "illegally" is morally correct or not.

Thank you so much, everyone!