Apple TV 3 big disappointment

After reading many reviews over the last year about the previous iteration of the Apple TV and the glowing reviews of the new version, I decided to buy one this week.

I have got quite a few films & TV series already in my iTunes library on my Laptop (which is connected via Wi-fi on a channel that I've checked to be de conflicted with a neighbouring network) and signed up for the Match service so thought I would get most use of its features. The set up procedure was simple, plug in power, ethernet & HDMI, sign in and all set. Music streamed fine, Vimeo and You Tube was nice although of limited use to me. All was well until I tried to stream a 720p HD film, I easily navigated the library, artwork looks nice, select the first film in the list and press play.

And wait....

Still waiting.....

Go put the kettle on and come back..

Wait a bit more

Ah finally, the first frame of the film and the progress bar on the bottom, wait, what? its still buffering the film! What the F***.

I try again, same thing. So I phone up Apple and they say this is normal. Why isn't this mentioned in the reviews? Its quicker for me to unplug my laptop, walk it into the living room, fanny about with cables and plug it directly into the TV. Is it only me? Does no one else mind that it takes forever to stream a film?