Community Minecraft server [Anti-Grief] [Plugin-Heavy] [New] [16GB RAM / 8-Core Dedicated Server]

Hello, fellow Vergians. I just recently created a new Minecraft server. It is a dedicated server, with 16GB RAM and an 8-core processor. I have a 30+ Mbit/sec internet connection, which is more than enough for a Minecraft server.

This server is brand-new. In fact, I created it today (March 24th). For now, this server is no whitelist. The reason for this is that the "newness" of the server makes it practically barren. Unlike most servers, this server doesn't make you pay to get the most out of it. I have hosted over 3 servers in the past for Minecraft.

You will start off with:

  • Teleportation and Fly commands
  • Basic Building Materials

If you help volunteer to make a spawn, I can personally give you material.
Mods and addons are allowed on this server. I have absolutely no problems with minimaps, etc. Just, no PVP.
The IP: OR

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