It's been a while since we had one so...lets see your iOS home screens.

I remember there was a thread back when these forums first started out but it's been a while so lets see your iOS home screens and why are they like they are?

My dock is pretty obvious, the stuff I use the most, phone, web, music and messages.

I have the stuff I access most (minus games) on the front page, most of the stock apps are in a folder. Utilities folder and a 'creativity' folder with camera apps etc... I tend to use the stock camera app because it's the fastest (& accessible via the lock screen) Camera+ is there if I want a bit more control.

(Honourable mention to Plex, it is the ultimate media centre solution, my entire house is powered by Plex)

Second page is basically just folders of everything else, Games x2, News and shopping sites, Entertainment being streaming video, music, audiobooks, ebooks etc..., Utilities 2, Communication is basically just IM and VOIP apps, Education is only there whilst I revise for my driving theory (6 years late) and that bastard that is Newsstand.