Anybody else have these WP7 problems?

Everybody claims WP7 is so stable and great yet I appear to have many problems with mine. My first phone stopped booting the OS after 3 days(I ordered it online from AT&T the day WP7 came out) so I got it replaced. Then after updating to Mango, my phone was fine until December 2011. IE9 would freeze and run slow and the phone would lag. Then IE9 crashed and would not open so I was forced to use a 3rd party browser until I was told to restore my phone to the previous version. Then 2 months later IE9 crashed again and I had to restore my phone. Now IE9 has crashed for a 3rd time and I really do not want to restore my phone again. Everytime I restore my phone I lose all of my game saves and apps I had installed and apps I had previously uninstalled were reinstalled. I am a gamer and it is frustrating to play the same game over again and again and again.

I am using 2 browsers right now, SurfCube and Navigator+. They are ok alternatives but they crash a lot and freeze when copying and pasting shortened URL's into them. Does anybody know of a way to uninstall IE9 and re install it or better browsers on WP7?

Links to my questions on microsoft answers of the problems mentioned: