Buzz Out Loud Bites the Dust

It's all over for Buzz Out Loud. The last podcast will be on 5 April. I have listened to BOL for the last 7 years in Germany, Malaysia, Canada, Cyprus and England - I shall miss it. It took a massive nose dive when Tom Merritt left for TWIT as he was an excellent counterbalance to the ever flaky and opinionated (wrong, but not in doubt) Molly Wood. The rot set in then. Jason Howell followed Tom to TWIT where they do Tech News Today. At BOL Rafe Needleman didn't last very long and Brian Tong was just too puerile for words. The podcast lost its way with such pap as 'Computer Love' and when it went from a daily to a weekly podcast late last year one realised the end was near.

Buzz Out Loud - Not a must listen to these days, but the Glory Days were good.