First impressions of 8107 on a focus (ATT) WP central has posted an excellent guide for easily updating your phone to 8107. I expressed my disdain for ATT yesterday, and my prayers were promptly answered. The process hit a snag last night, but COM errors can be solved as described in the article. All said and done, it was a 20 minute process. The backup included is a nice way to put you at ease as well. First of all, no disappearing keyboard is kind of a huge deal. I'm writing this on my phone right now, something I wouldn't have been able to do yesterday. Can't emphasize enough how much that cleans up the experience. I wasn't having problems with voicemail, so I can't comment on that fix. Same thing with the outlook 2003 fix. Generally, the experience seems smoother, but that could just be the "I finally got my update" bug biting me. If you're aching for the new update, and you know your carrier isn't going to come through, give it a shot. Certainly beats waiting.