There have been some rumblings that the mobile-centric, "personal social network" Path was going to get a Windows Phone version to accompany its iPhone and Android apps, and now the company's co-founder and CEO Dave Morin has confirmed that it is "beginning work on Windows Phone." Of course, there are no details on when we should expect the app, but Morin says that the company is committing to the platform because "we believe that the product is really good." Morin admits that at this point it "isn't going to be a huge resource dedication," but he says that the company has fulltime designers for each platform, so we'd assume that a Windows Phone version of the app would be a completely different experience from the current iOS and Android apps.

The CEO offers some details on its development process in the interview, including the tidbit that the company had difficulty finding developers that specialized in Android development. Ultimately, the company had to start looking for Java engineers. Right now Path has three dedicated Android developers, and the OS represents its second priority, with iPhone development at the top and the iPad as priority number three. About 80 percent of Path's users are on the iPhone, and Morin says the company has dedicated about 80 percent of its resources to the platform. The entire hour-and-a-half PandoMonthly interview is below, but jump to the 1:08:00 mark for Morin's responses regarding Windows Phone and the company's development priorities as a whole.