Am I using it wrong?

I've been playing with my new Lumia 710 for a day now. When Windows Phone was announced, the main tag line was having the info you want at a glance, referring to the live tiles. Well, now all I think about live tiles are enlarged shortcut icons since to actually get that information, I have to click through the tiles.

Really, some of the live tiles don't even offer any info. Eg. the people tile. What does it do? It only shows your contacts pictures and shuffle them around. Yeah, it looks pretty, but in the end it's just a shortcut to the address book. The phone, messaging, email, live tiles show a badge to show there's something. Well, iOS does the same thing with much smaller icons, leaving more space for other stuff.

Then there are other things that act like widgets, eg. the weather live tile. Useful, but Android is way ahead in this game with widgets. In Android, I can have a widget for twitter/facebook and post message right at the widget. Also, some widgets are large enough to actually offer info at a glance (news/twitter ticker, etc). Seems to be more useful than these square live tiles that doesn't even show much.

I guess I'm not seeing that "info at a glance" thing. All I see are a bunch of oversized shortcut icons that are taking too much space. So instead of having info at a glance, I just scroll scroll and scroll and click through these shortcuts to get what I want.

What do you guys do on your WP phones? Do you just pin all the apps to the start screen to mimic iOS? That's fine, but clearly inefficient as you have a lot less icons (tiles) per screen. And these live tiles, do you find them useful? Seems like the widgets in Android is a ton better for the purpose.

I can see for somebody that is new to smartphone to find the live tiles entertaining, and the big tiles to be sufficient providing they don't have a lot of apps. But I feel them to be too limiting without offering any additional functionalities.

Here's an idea. Instead of a huge messaging icon simply displaying how many messages I received, why not make it into a rectangular tile (just like the picture tile) and have it list the content of the messages? (eg. like Android's Google Voice widget). That would be a lot more useful, and fits the "info at a glance" moto. Same thing can be done with email.

Am I doing it wrong?