Automatic upload to Skydrive resizes photos?

When I see the option to automatically upload pictures taken with my Lumia 710 to Skydrive, I was happy. But what a huge bummer when I find out that the picture in Skydrive is a measly low-res low-quality resized version. Why? I saw Microsoft advertising the 25GB skydrive on every Windows Phone demo unit on their store, yet they do this? Apple can do it with iCloud (iCloud transfer full-size to Mac, but resizes photos for iDevices, but not as low-res as Skydrive). Google can do it with Google+. Microsoft can't?

Even worse, if I upload the picture manually using the Skydrive app, it renames the file into some long-randomly generated filename.

REALLY? I was so excited getting my 710 yesterday but the disappointments just keep coming