Hillcrest Laboratories has announced the availability of Freespace MotionEngine for Mobile, a software solution that the company claims will enable enhanced user experiences in future mobile devices. Aimed at the manufacturers of Android and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets, Hillcrest Labs is positioning Freespace technology as a "necessary foundation" for accurate calibration, precise gesture control, efficient power consumption, and the ability to integrate sensors from a wide range of suppliers. Use cases suggested are health and fitness applications, gesture-based gaming such as simulating a golf club swing, and context awareness applications that can perceive car accidents or falls and send off distress messages.

While none of these necessarily sound like they would require more complex hardware than what's already found in most modern mobile devices, Hillcrest says that an common platform will be needed as technology specifications grow. Hillcrest's earlier motion technology has been licensed by companies such as LG, Roku, and Sony Computer Entertainment, and the company is now attempting to provide the same software support for OEMs producing mobile hardware.