Finger ressistant glass?

I own both a Galaxy Nexus and an ASUS Transformer. Now my Galaxy Nexus has a beautiful screen and everytime it becomes dirty after long use or dirty hands I would just wipe the screen over my pants and the screen turns back to how it was out-of-the box.
The Transformer on the other hand becomes dirty really really fast and even worse is that sometimes you can see the finger prints even when the screen is on (that NEVER happens with my nexus). And the worst part of all this? I can't get it clean. No matter how much time I take to clean it, it won't ever become as clean as it was out-of-the box. Now for my next tablet (I'm thinking of replacing my Transformer for the Transformer Infinity). My question is, how do I find out what the quality of the screen regarding this? Can I google it? Or do I just have to go to a store to test it (something I do not trust 100% as a lot of different people try the tablets out and I don't think I want to stand in the store and go wipe off the dirt of every tablet with my pants just to try it out.

And if someone with a Transformer Prime reads this. How does the screen work out for you? Do you feel the same, or is the screen much better than I said?