Some Retina App Updates Cause Slower Performance

I'm finding that as some of my favorite apps update to the Retina Display on the new iPad that the new versions refresh the screen at a much slower rate. I believe that this is a sign of the app attempting to use the standard CPU instead of the GPU for some graphics-related functions. ARS Technica has benchmarked The New IPad and their findings are that the CPU is pretty much the same on performance as the iPad 2, but the GPU is much faster for off-screen operations. They also found that once you factor in the refresh of four-times as many pixels, that the new iPad performs about as fast with 2048x1536 pixels as the iPad 2 performed with 1024x768 pixels.

As such any apps that don't leverage the GPU for graphics related tasks are going to see a slowdown in performance. The two apps I noticed this with are "iThoughts HD" and "LDS Music" (an app I use at church for a digital hymn book).

WIth iThoughts HD I noticed that with large mind maps the connecting lines of the graph take quite a bit of time to redraw once I updated to the retina-enabled version.

The LDS Music app uses images of the sheet music rather than plain text. Under the retina-enabled version I can actually see the tiles of the sheet music redraw (like watching the Maps app fill in tiles under a slower connection).

I Googled the phenomena and others have reported that GoodReader is slower under the retina-enabled version, but I was unable to notice any slowdown whatsoever in my cursory testing.

Anybody else seeing this going on?