Less than a year and a half after opening in beta, Minecraft has racked up an impressive $80 million in revenues — along with 25 million registered players. Since the game finally hit 1.0 status back in the fall, players have been coming on board at an increasing rate: five million joined up in the last month alone. While these numbers may quite compare to other games out there, it's nonetheless an impressive accomplishment for the first game developed by a company that now only employs 25 people. Minecraft has a big 2012 coming up as well — there's an Xbox 360 version launching soon, Lego sets are planned for the summer, and chief executive Carl Manneh even mentioned the possibility of a TV adaptation. In regards to that potential project, Manneh told the Financial Times "we may do that... if the right idea comes along and the right people that we'd want to work with, we'd say 'why not?'"