Smoked by Windows Phone is genius and the fact that it got so much press after loosing to Nexus is even more genius.

It's funny most people don't even realize what's going on, this is all playing into the hands of the smoked by Windows Phone campaign. I am seeing users that are either disgruntled that Windows Phone is getting such press and defending it and Ms or ones attacking Microsoft for cheating. Hahhaha the bafoons.

The press isn't particularly bad, in fact it's positive. It lets people know that Windows Phone is very fast across most tasks but of course not under all conditions. It's seriously raising mind-share and getting users interested in participating in the Windows Phone challenge to try and win the laptop and or phone.

This recent incident with the Windows Phone getting smoked by the Nexus that happened to have the lock screen disabled and required 3rd party widgets installed is the best thing to happen to the campaign so far.