was launched by the company back in 2010 as part of a suite of services that allowed users to sync their contacts and call history, locate their phones remotely, and backup their data to the cloud. In preparation for a product revamp, however, HTC has shut down those services altogether, leaving users just a month to retrieve their personal information. In a post on the website, HTC notes that the change is occurring so the company can "improve the services and value we deliver to customers." Users that were taking advantage of the service have until April 30th to download their data — HTC provides simple instructions — after which the information will be wiped from the company's servers. While HTC does direct customers to the Google Play store if they are in need of remote location or file-backup solutions in the meantime, It's not clear what features the new will provide, though we're expecting to see a variety of new offerings from the company sooner rather than later.