Need Camera for Trip

I'm looking for a new camera for my upcoming trip to Boston for PAX East. I've had limited experience with camera, only owning two in my life. One a HP and the other a Olympus. I know my Galaxy Nexus won't cut what I want so I'm looking into a good camera for the trip. I'm saving for a DSLR for the summer, so I'm only looking to spend around $200-$250, no more than $300. Looking for something that does good in low light as I'm sure I'll be taking pictures at night, something with good Optical Zoom ( I think that it ) for taking pictures from the back of the room at a panel. Preferable to be from Amazon and Best Buy has they have good return policys in case I don't like.

I've been looking at this one based on good things I've read.

and the older sibling of it, which has dropped in price.

I'd love to hear the comments of you guys. Lemme know!