Google's Chrome OS is currently only available on Intel Atom-powered Chromebooks like Samsung's Series 5 or Acer's AC700, but testing notes on the project's Google Code issue tracker suggest that this might be about to change. A new Chrome OS device codenamed Daisy has appeared on the site, with references to Samsung's Exynos 5250 processor — an ARM Cortex A15 dual-core SoC clocked at 2GHz that was first announced back in November.

There are also several mentions of ethernet on the Daisy, an unusual inclusion for a Chrome OS device which have relied on either mobile networks or Wi-Fi until now. It's not clear from the listings what form factor the Daisy device will take, or even whether it's more than a testbed for other devices, but its use seems to be spread across a number of testers.

We've also noticed the inclusion of a "tegra2_kaen" string in the testing notes, suggesting that the Chrome OS team's ARM-based testing goes further than Samsung's Exynos chip. There's not a link to actual hardware in the same way as the Daisy, though, so it could be that its inclusion is simply in preparation for a wider range of SoCs.