Graphics Properties Holdings has initiated a patent infringement suit in Delaware federal court against Apple, Samsung, RIM, Sony, HTC and LG, according to Reuters. Graphics Properties is a holding company that took over the patent portfolio of Silicon Graphics, Inc. back in 2009 — just a couple of months after SGI filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The portfolio includes around 60 issued US patents.

Graphics Properties isn't new to the patent enforcement game — it first began asserting its patents on graphics technologies against the likes of Apple, Dell, Nintendo and Sony back in 2010 and continued the trend with additional suits in 2011 against HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola and others. Reportedly, GPH is targeting smartphones with this new case: alleging that the iPhone, Evo 4G, Thrill, Torch, Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Xperia Play devices are infringing. As with nearly every case like this, GPH's ultimate goal is licensing revenue. However, it hasn't had much success convincing these tech giants to settle the existing cases over the last two years, so it's unlikely we'll see a quick resolution here.