One giant hole in "Post-PC"


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Apple's been promoting the Post PC idea a lot. For the most part, I'm with them. I used the original iPad and my Android phone as my only portable computers for several months. I eventually sold the iPad and bought an android tablet and continue to only use mobile platforms for mobile computing. I will most likely add a new iPad in the coming months as well. I really truly believe that we are coming to a point where I will not have a desktop. I will merely dock my tablet/phone to a set of screens, keyboard, mouse, etc. We're not there yet. There's one step in particular that's slowing us down.

Right now, with a tablet you can do almost everything mentioned above. You can connect a keyboard, connect it to an external monitor, and (at least on android, not sure about iOS) connect a mouse. Great. However, on iOS, you cannot build apps. There is no X-Code in the app store. The only way to develop for iOS is to buy a Mac (PC). Not only does that go against the Post-PC thing, it's a significant financial investment. Even if you buy a used model, that's going to run you hundreds of dollars if you aren't already a mac user. A keyboard and an apple TV will run less than $150. Less if you go with the HDMI Dongle, or can deal with the iPads screen as is.

If apple wants to truly make this a Post-PC world, we need X-Code on iOS. Make it available only to Dev-Unlocked devices. That's fine. But this is one big place they need to improve. Apple's released a ton of content creation tools. I believe they've completely filled out iLife and iWork. Here's hoping their next major release is X-Code. Android can already do this. In fact, it was the release of the tool (AIDE) to compile android apps on android that got me thinking about this. Windows 8 will also be able to do it if you buy an x86 tablet. Apple, this is my biggest wish for iOS 6.