Readers in Europe will soon have a new Kindle option — Amazon is taking pre-orders now for the Kindle Touch in both 3G and Wi-Fi-only variations, with a launch date of April 27th. In the UK, the Wi-Fi model will costs £109, with the 3G-capable Kindle Touch priced at £169. Germany, France, Italy, and Spain will also all carry these models for €129 (Wi-Fi-only) and €189 (3G). It sounds like it will be exactly the same hardware as we saw when we tested the Kindle Touch a few months ago, without any of the "special offers" advertising we see in the US on board.

Unfortunately for those waiting for the Kindle Fire to see a release outside of the US, you'll have to keep waiting. An Amazon spokesperson told TechRadar that "We don't have anything to announce today [in terms of the Kindle Fire arriving in the UK] but from a US perspective we know that our customers love Kindle Fire and are really excited about it." Still, the Kindle Touch should be a good option for those who no longer care about buttons on their e-reader.

Update: Amazon's press release touts that the Kindle Touch 3G is available in 175 countries and while that's true for getting the Kindle shipped to you, it's not the case that the majority of these countries will have access to custom, local Kindle stores. Still, if you are in a region where the Kindle Touch 3G wasn't shipping to before, you should be able to order one directly now.