Remember that handsome-looking set of audio docks that Samsung announced a few days after the new year? We haven't heard anything new about the two products (or the selection of home theater in-a-box systems the company announced at the same time) since then, but now Samsung is ready to give us pricing and availability info. The high-end, 100W DA-E750 audio dock will come in at $799.99. The standout feature, other than its looks, is Samsung's proprietary vacuum tube / digital amplifier combination, which is said to offer both warm and clear sounds — "the best of both worlds." The speaker also has both Apple's 30-pin dock connector and a microUSB dock, and you'll be able to stream music over AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Samsung's AllShare Play. It'll come in both mahogany and piano black when it arrives in the US this spring. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn't given us any details on the more affordable, 40W DA-E670 yet.

In the home theater department, Samsung says that the six speaker, 7.1 surround sound HT-E6730W system will cost $999.99. It has a vacuum tube pre-amplifier, and the 1,330W kit comes with a Blu-ray player that supports Samsung's Ultraviolet-powered Disc to Digital streaming service. If the HT-E6730W is a bit too grand for you, Samsung's also offering the 1,000W, 5.1 surround HT-E6500W, which has four speakers and costs $799.99. It offers the same features as its big brother — including that vacuum-tube hybrid technology — and both will be available this spring. If you're wondering about the previously-announced HT-E5500W and HW-E550, we're still waiting on more information from Samsung.

Update: We've just had the chance to take a quick look at Samsung's 2012 audio line in person. The vacuum tube-enhanced DA-E750 audio dock sounds superb — especially when you consider its size. We heard a couple of songs in a bedroom-sized space and the sound filled the area very well and really did sound warmer than traditional docks that we've heard. The dock itself has a redwood veneer, and it is very hefty for its size. Samsung's other docks — the DA-E670 and DA-E570 — look similar to their bigger brother, and offer an identical pop-out 30-pin and micoUSB docking connector, but weigh much less and lose the wood veneer. The $449.99 and $249.99 units, respectively, do manage to keep the sound quality up, though, of course, they pale in comparison to the DA-E750.

We also got to hear the top-of-the-line HT-E6730W, which has Samsung's vacuum tube hybrid technology as well. Accordingly, it also did an excellent job of filling out a bedroom-sized space. In a test against the HTIB's predecessor, the HT-D6730W, which lacks the vacuum tube tech, the system showed off its warmth and fuller sound. Being a HTIB, the vacuum tubes are built into the Blu-ray player, which is definitely a strange site at first.