Every year since 2005, Google has sponsored a program called "Summer of Code," in which it offers paid internships to students who are willing to work on open source projects. The program works in a three-phase cycle, with organizations and mentors submitting proposals for their projects, then students also applying to work on said projects, and finally the two groups get connected together for a summer of open source coding madness. On its Open Source at Google blog, the company has put the word out that we are officially in phase 2 for this year: student proposals. Students will have until April 6th to peruse any of the 180 accepted projects and submit a proposal to work on them.

Google is hosting a hangout on April 2nd to explain the whole process, but the Summer of Code website also has a fairly comprehensive FAQ for interested students. It's likely that around 1,000 students — give or take — will be accepted into the internship program.