A group of five students is working on an ambitious project for the 2012 Maker Faire: a full flight simulator designed after Battlestar Galactica's Mark VII Viper. The team is no stranger to Maker Faire projects, but this one is awfully ambitious, including full 360-degree movement on two axes, three monitors, retro controls, and Arduino modules throughout. The software will be based in part on the open source 'Flight Gear' flight simulator and will also feature custom cinematics and graphics — though hopefully all of the above won't include the Command Navigation Program update written by Dr. Gaius Baltar and Number 6.

The team is making steady progress and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the costs, though it does have a couple corporate sponsors as well. They have just over fifty days to get the entire rig into Cylon-fighting shape, and hopefully they will be able to finish on time — So Say We Alll.