URLs, band names, and song titles

I'm a big fan on the Vergecast, and previously the This is my next podcast and the Engadget podcast. One of my favorite aspects is the non tech related memes they keep up. The most recent one where they say "Paul" is great.

But that's not why we're here. We're here to celebrate all the great URLs, band names, song titles, book titles, etc, that they've come up with over many moons. They're pretty awesome, so I'm keeping a catalog of them all. I'll try to update this post after every Vergecast.


The Vergecast 024 - 3-30-2012

Succinct Technical Encounter 4 , a custom Android ROM, by Joshua Topolsky

Hostage Hostage , a movie title


The Vergecast 023 - 3-23-2012

SuperSadMakeouts.com , by Nilay Patel


Previous ones I've heard but don't know from when: