If you bought a Droid RAZR before Motorola revealed its much longer-lasting and only slightly thicker cousin, the RAZR Maxx, regret no longer: Cellphone Repair Shop is selling all the necessary parts to turn your RAZR into a RAZR Maxx. For $109.95 they'll ship you the huge battery, plus the pre-cut tape, housing, and cover frame from the Maxx, though you'll need the tools to make the changes yourself — the company also offers an installation service, for an extra fee. The RAZR and RAZR Maxx are absolutely identical save the slight body and battery changes, so as long as you're feeling enterprising it should be a pretty easy change that you eventually won't even notice — except your battery will take much longer to die. Needless to say, this is about as clear-cut a way to void your warranty as we've ever seen, so proceed with caution, but if you do add some Maxx to your RAZR let us know how it goes.