A open letter to Comcast - HBOgo or no go


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I couldn't drive home fast enough. During lunch I got an email from a friend telling me that HBOgo had been pushed out to the xBox dashboard and I had been waiting since the original announcement early this year. I had been following the HBOgo on xbox story very closely and just like a pedestrian crossing the street listening joyfully to my iPod, I didn't hear the bus that would soon ruin my day.

After downloading the app for my xBox, it took me through the setup and boom. "Please choose your cable company." No problem, I had seen a simular screen on my iPad. Only this time it was missing Comcast. "If you didn't see your cable company, please call them and ask to add HBOgo for the xBox."

This was odd, I have access with my iPad but not on my xBox? Well, maybe I am doing something wrong, a quick call to Comcast customer service should fix this. Maybe I am just not seeing it. An hour later, it was clear to me, they wanted me to use the Xfinity app and not use HBOgo. Why? - I was upselled twice on a service where I can view my programming anywhere. If that wasn't bad enough, I was told I can find the HBO content within the Xfinity app. BOO!!!

Curiously enough, a press release from Comcast yesterday indicated joyfully that because I am a Comcast subscriber, that whatever I watch on the new Xfinity app would not be part of my bandwidth cap. This is VERY alarming to me.

  1. You are glad to tell me you are monitoring everything I am viewing on your cables
  2. That I have a bandwidth cap on my "Unlimited" Cable connection
  3. You are blocking access to a app that really has noting to do with you other than a login.
So Comcast, you are right now jumping into the fire of Net Neutrality again. You said you would comply with the FCC regulations and you believed in the "open internet." I guess you forgot the disclaimer that reads ...
only if it doesn't compete with a service already provided. I say this loosely because we can all agree the xfinity content list is subpar at best.
Please make this right.
A lotal customer for 8 years,