Google Maps for Android has just received an update that brings a few minor but helpful changes. Those who use the app to get directions around their favorite city will be glad to hear that there's a new option to choose which mode of public transportation you prefer (bus, subway, train, or tram). You can also have Google come up with the route that has the least amount of walking involved, the one with the fewest transfers, or just the fastest route. The navigation homepage has been completely redesigned with the update, and Android 4.0 users will now see quick links to starred locations and your contacts list.


Lastly, Google says that it has updated the map tiles on devices with high pixel densities. There's no complete list yet, but the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, and Droid RAZR are called out. These phones and others will get more detailed, easier-to-read maps, as you can see below (old on left, new on right). We've played with the app a bit and can't tell too much of a visual difference, but there's no doubt that the new tiles scale much faster and tracking is smoother as well with the update, which is available to download now from Google Play. Oh, and for the stat junkies out there: Google says users have traveled 50 billion kilometers with the company's turn-by-turn directions — the same as ten trips to Neptune.