Putting a passcode on your smartphone is certainly the prudent thing to do, but it looks like the military and law enforcement aren't fazed by the security offered by that PIN code. Forbes has reported on a Swedish company called Micro Systemation, which offers its XRY "digital forensics system" to the law, allowing them to crack into iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and webOS devices with relative ease. In the video below demonstrating its newest software, an iPhone 4 — with a PIN of "0000" — is broken into in about 30 seconds. According to the report, the company's software uses a brute force method to obtain the code, so it'd take quite a bit longer if you set a more complicated and lengthy passcode.

The software doesn't just give law enforcement access to your phone, however. Once they gain access, the software is designed to dump data from the phone onto a connected Windows machine. Of course, it'll grab your email, SMS, and call log data, but it also has support for lots of third-party apps. In the video they are able to successfully read Google Maps data for recent locations, but on Micro Systemation's website it's said that the software can mine data from apps ranging from Nimbuzz to Nike+ GPS to Cydia app MCleaner. Thankfully, you shouldn't be too concerned about anyone being able to get this data from you. While the company says it provides the software to over 60 countries, it "strictly adheres to export control laws that limit which governments it can sell to," which means your neighbor won't be getting his hands on this anytime soon.