I cannot make up my mind... do I go white or cyan???

Ok I'm gonna buy the 900 when it comes out, its clearly the best Windows Phone by far, and only thing is possibly dual-core devices down the road, but if they're that good, I'll buy another WP. However, I can't decide between the white and cyan colors... I was originally gonna go with cyan before I learned about the white, but the white just looks so sexy! Also, I've heard that the white has a different feel to the material as opposed to the other colors, and I was wondering if someone who has an 800 or something and has handled both colors could tell me the difference in feel. Also, maybe I should just get cyan, since there are a lot of other white phones out there (I'm probably also gonna get the white HTC One X when it comes out as well), but I just wanted to see you guys' opinion on the difference. Thanks.