Amazed by technology

I was watching a video today and realized how many devices it was being streamed through. I use Air Video on my iPhone to stream to the Apple TV, but the video was in an old windows machine that I use for storage, basically. I have added that as a network drive to my MBP, and added that in the shared folders in Air Video.

So now, that HD DivX video on my windows is going (via the router, Airport Express) to my MBP, getting converted, being beamed to iPhone (via the router) and then beamed (Again via the router) to the Apple TV, which then plays it on my TV. (I use MBP because my old Acer laptop doesn't do conversion on the fly very well, especially of HD content)

The TV is thus the eighth device in the eerie, and while it takes a few seconds to start, there is no lag and stutter, and the quality is amazing. How did we reach here so soon? Just a few years ago, I was playing VHS tapes on a CRT TV......

(With Mountain Lion, I'll be able to eliminate the phone as well, or maybe even now if I jail broke the Apple TV.....)