With every major football (or soccer, depending on your persuasion) tournament comes a tie-in game from EA Sports, and this year's Euro 2012 competition in Poland and Ukraine is no different. Well, it's actually quite a bit different — instead of being its own packaged game sold at retail for full-price, EA has announced that UEFA Euro 2012 will be available exclusively as downloadable content for last year's FIFA 2012.

As previous European Championship and World Cup games tended to be near-identical to the previous FIFA titles but with less teams and modes to choose from, we think this is a great move from EA that doesn't come a moment too soon. It also neatly sidesteps the recent issues EA has had with GAME in the UK, sure to be a major market for the release. UEFA Euro 2012 will be out on April 24th in the UK for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, costing £15.99 ($25.43), 1800 Microsoft Points, and 2500 FIFA points respectively.