When Spotify launched in the United States last July, it promised six months of unlimited free listening for new users. Today, nine months later, Spotify announced that it's extending its "honeymoon" for US users to an unspecified date in the future, meaning that you can continue listening to as much ad-supported Spotify as you'd like. It's a nice perk for those of you stateside — listeners in Europe are limited to just ten hours of free listening a month. The unlimited listening promotion was intended to give a new market free reign in testing out the service, and it seems to have worked — Spotify has ten million listeners and three million subscribers, evidence that word of mouth (combined with highly visible Facebook integration) might be Spotify's greatest asset. And it certainly doesn't hurt that competitors Rdio and MOG offer limited free listening per month (albeit without ads).

Update: Music Ally reports that free Spotify users in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain can now listen to tracks more than five times each. Previously, free users could only listen to tracks five times, at which point they'd be grayed out and inaccessible. "Our agreements with the labels differ from market to market. We're working hard to bring these improvements to the entire service, so watch this space," Spotify said.