An iPhone Dad's Reaction to Windows Phone

Hello Tribe! I thought I would share a Windows Phone success story with you. Let me set this up...

My dad, who is competent but not necessarily comfortable with technology , has had an iPhone 4 for about a year and a half now. He had been using a Palm Treo for years before that, and was frustrated with it. We got him an iPhone 4, because at the time that was the best thing on the market for him. I didn't want to push him to wait for Windows Phone, because at the time there were still a lot of unknowns. So we got him the iPhone and he's loved it ever since. Of course, I got a Focus on WP launch day and have talked at length about how great it is.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when my dad went into a Microsoft store with my sister's old iPhone 3G to "challenge" Windows Phone and swap for a shiny new Focus S. He described the experience to me with complete amazement. He had no idea that Windows Phone could do all of the stuff it does (even though I had explained it to him) and was really interested in it! He talked at length about the Facebook integration and how easy and smooth everything was.

Last night we were on the phone talking, and he somewhat out of the blue just said "Man, you know that phone your sister got... I REALLY like it. That thing screams. Its so fast and is so wide-open compared to my iPhone. You know, the iPhone is really locked down and you can't do everything you want to with it, you can only do what they let you. But that phone of hers... WOW! You can do anything with it! I think I might have to get me one of those..."

I was amazed. My dad isn't the kind of guy who usually gets excited about technology unless I show it to him, but I could tell that Windows Phone had him pumped up after he just played around with it for a bit. We talked a bit more about it, and he can't wait to see the Lumia 900 when I get it. He's thinking about using his upgrade in the fall to get whatever the nicest WP8 device is.

Long story short, I think THIS is what Microsoft is banking on. They might not win over all of the tech savvy crowd, but people like my dad are easy targets. If they push on with campaigns like Nokia's "Amazing everyday" and such, I think we'll see a drastic increase in WP adoption over the next year or so.

Thanks for reading fellow Tribe members!